What is Testing, Inspection & Certification?

L&M Plant & Inspection Services

offer a mobile inspection and certification service for your lifting equipment and machinery.
We provide certificates of thorough examination (GA1 Testing & Inspection) to comply with the approved HSA form for the testing, inspection & certification of lifting equipment as per the General Applications Regulations Act 2007.

What We Do -  GA1 Testing & Inspection for:

Lifting Equipment
Plant, Machinery & Construction Equipment
Quarry Equipment
Marine Equipment
Safety Equipment
Factory & Warehousing Equipment

How does this work?

We ensure that your lifting equipment, machinery and any other relevant equipment are thoroughly inspected by our qualified engineers at the premises you require the test and this allows you to comply with current legislation and safety standards.


We use SiteCert - your inspections are synced to a secure cloud where you can view reports immediately in a searchable database and receive reminders when your certification is about to expire.
Paperless Site Inspection software -  making life more simple whilst also reducing unnecesarry errors.

Certifications generally last between 6 months and 12 months but some items can be more depending on the type of equipment. The GA1 Certificate is valid for twelve months and it is required that construction site machinery such as mini diggers, skid steers, and evacuators 360 among others undergoes this procedure. It is required that brake quarry testing and certain lifting equipment should also legally be tested every six months and the majority of plant machinery should be tested every twelve months. L&M Plant & Inspection Services can offer brake tests on mobile equipment such as dumpers and forklifts and all earth-moving and materials-handling and lifting equipment under the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations-LOLER


Find out how long your certificate will last

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